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Copyright is a legal right created by law that grants the creator of an original work the exclusive rights to use and distribution. Copyright applies to most artists work, such as paintings,murals,statues,TV shows, music,and for us Photography. As a photographer gives you the exclusive right to make and sell copies of the photo,to creative works or other art on the photo to display the photo in public and to licence usage for money and other people. Copyright protects your own images.Most jurisdictions recognize copyright limitations, allowing “fair” exceptions to the creator’s exclusivity of copyright, and giving users certain rights. The development of digital media and computer network technologies have prompted reinterpretation of these exceptions, introduced new difficulties in enforcing copyright, and inspired additional challenges to copyright law’s philosophic basis. Simultaneously, businesses with great economic dependence upon copyright, such as those in the music business, have advocated the extension and expansion of their intellectual property rights, and sought additional legal and technological enforcement.

Copyright law

the copy rights last for up to 70 years after the persons death.


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