My Evaluation

I feel the course has gone well so far. I have had a few challenges on the way.

I need to practice more on Photoshop , Illustrator , Dreamweaver and Adobe premier pro as i feel i have struggled with these.

Apart from that the class has went well. I have enjoyed being able to design a web page that i have never done before.

If i had to change anything i think it would be to change the setting on Photoshop, illustrator , Dreamweaver to make it easier to understand.

I feel i need to try and understand the software more and not to be frightened off it.

I do think it has been a big challenge for me as this is the first time doing anything like this but i am willing and eager to learn more as each day passes.

I feel that because this is the first time i have ever done a web design that it has turned out really well and i am pleased with the outcome of what i have managed to achieve.


How i put my webpage together

I got the images and transferred them to Photoshop where i re-sized them to 180 x 180 pixels, then saved them onto a file. Then i went onto my webpage and selected each individual picture and placed them onto the appropriate spaces which are my logo , home , Graphic design, Photography , stop motion and then skills and qualifications.

I made sure that after each individual thing i done i made sure that i saved it every time.

I then wrote about what each page has in them and a bit about each page.

Then i went onto Adobe Dreamweaver and started to design my webpage using a blank canvas which i then started to add images and text to each page.

I started off with a Blank canvas then i added the company name which i chose as A Milne Photography.

I also done copyright so no-one can use these photos , and added my name so no-one can copy these.

I made each individual piece of writing the same color.

I also made sure that the links to each page were compatible with each stage and made it easy for people to read and understand.

Beach Final 2

This is the link to my You Tube video. I uploaded different sounds from free sound and imported them onto the appropriate places on Adobe Premier Pro. Then i exported the file onto You Tube and then onto my blog.