Stop motion Animation Project

who was in my group ? 

The people who were in my group was Sandra Wellcoat , Lee-anne Macleod, and myself Anne Milne we created a short stop animation video.

The process we went through ?

We took 546 photos taking one picture at a time placing the blocks in different stages removing a block like you would in the actual game. We had them moving in small steps and making them look like they were falling onto each other and then we made the word Jenga then we made them look like they were marching and then had them building back up again till it went back into the box. We all took turns moving the blocks and also we took turns taking the photographs.

  • took the jenga blocks from box
  • took the 1st picture
  • moved the next block
  • took another photo
  • moved the blocks in different positions
  • took photos after every move
  • uploaded to Adobe Premier pro
  • added sounds from Free sound then imported them to the video
  • before we put it onto you tube we had to go to file , then export media then format AVI  then load to you tube
  • exported the video onto You Tube
  • then put the video and link onto my blog.

What went well ?

we all had fun making the stop animation and we all worked well in a team.

what gave us problems ? 

The problems we seemed to get was using two different cameras and also the format on the camera was not set so when we tried to upload them onto Premier pro they did not work. The photos came out saying that they where not recognized.

What would you do different next time ?  

We would make sure that only one camera was used and the format on the camera was set to the correct setting.

group working opinions ?

I found we all worked well together. we each had different opinions and we tried each others ideas and if they worked then good but if they did not then we would try something else. We never had a bad word with each other and i am glad i had Sandra and Lee-anne in my group as i would not of changed them for anyone else as we all had fun doing this project.


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