Audio Acquisition

Audio specs = 44.1 kHz 16 Bit Depth

ADC = Analogue to Digital Conversion

Sampling = 44,100= 44.1 kHz = samples/measurements per second

16 bit = memory per second

DAC = Digital to Analogue Conversion

for playing back on MP3

CODEC = compression – Decompression , Compressor – Decompressor 

Important for organising the data in the file so the computer knows what to do with it.

Compression = 3 types of Compression.

1 Uncompressed = WAV file ending

2 Compressed = Lossy compression (MP3)

3 Compressed = Lossy -FLAC

For example file …….. Wav -44.1 kHz -16 bit depth ( Digital to Analogue conversion)


Audio Connectors

download  This is a picture of an audio connector RCA plug which is red & white and can be used with an Xbox .

3.5mm headphones This is a 3.5mm stereo Jack that is used for headphones.

6.3mm JackThis is a picture of a 6.3 mm Mono jack which is used for instruments such as Guitars .

Creative Process Project

The Group Name is called the  iT team

Who is in the Group? 

Sandra Wellcoat

Adam Russell

Lee-anne McLeod

Anne Milne

What compromises needed to be made ? 

No Compromises have been made at this stage as we are working as a team.

The outline of your final Project 

Lee-anne is doing a poster

Adam is doing a video

Anne & Sandra are taking Photographs

Creative Process Promoting Media Space using Photography

The Halbeath Campus in Dunfermline has 17 courses in Creative Industries.

Access to Performing arts level 5 (performing arts)

This course is designed as an access route into Acting and Performing Arts. It introduces the Creative Industries, the various employment opportunities available and the key skills required to pursue work as a performer.

HND Acting & Performance (creative arts)

This demanding practical course requires student application of learned techniques, knowledge and practice in year 1 (HNC) towards production and site specific performance projects. Students are also given opportunities to develop ideas and practice towards their own professional development as well as audition technique and mentoring. On completion of this course students will be able to consolidate and contextualise their understanding and practice with a view to progressing either directly into employment or on to degree level with associated articulation partners/universities.

NC Art & Design level 6 (creative arts)

This course enables you to broaden and strengthen your creative ability, providing an ideal platform for career progression in visual arts. The combination of drawing, painting, 2D and 3D design skills and illustration, will give you the opportunity to build a substantial portfolio for entry to art college or HN Level.

Design and Digital Media level 6 (Design)

The NC Design and Digital Media Level 6 course is an exciting, practical course featuring web design, graphic design, animation, audio, video, 3D and photography. Learning activities will assist you to master software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and 3D Studio Max.

HNC Acting & performance (performing arts)

Want to follow a career in acting and performing? Do you want to work with theatre communities or in drama education? This demanding practical course has been designed to equip you with performance and academic skills required by organisations, agencies and employers across the Theatre and Performing Arts industries.

SCQF Level 7

HNC Art & Design level 7 (creative arts)

The HNC/D Art and Design Programme allows you to study a variety of creative arts, including life drawing, painting, 2D and 3D design skills , textiles and mixed media. During the programme you will develop a substantial portfolio and also take part in an exhibition of your own work, which will all help prepare for employment or your next step into higher education, Art Colleges or a range of 2nd year specialist areas at university level or HND. This course is suitable for school leavers who have studied art to an advanced level and student returners who have considerable art experience.

HNC Jewellery level 7 (Art & design)

This course will develop and enhance skills to design and make jewellery to an industrial standard by developing a sound understanding of the varied materials and techniques. It reflects the needs of a diverse and varied Jewellery industry with an emphasis on gaining practical skills. The subjects studied cover traditional, current and experimental techniques for designing and making jewellery. There is a degree of flexibility and choice built into the course and opportunities to explore specialisms.

HNC Photography scqf level 7 (creative industries)

This programme’s aim is to enhance your photographic skills and align them to industry standards. You will develop practical knowledge and technical skills for researching, planning, capturing and presenting work. This programme is ideal for anyone who is further building their photographic skills as well as those with more experience who would like to return to education. This programme is designed to prepare you for working as a photographer or for further photographic studies at a higher level.

HNC Visual Communication incorporating interactive Media SCQF Level 7 (Design)

The HNC in Visual Communication provides an opportunity for learners to prepare themselves for a career within the Creative Industries and covers a wide range of areas from print to screen incorporating interactive media. The qualification develops knowledge and skills in visual communication, using industry standard software, through projects and in-depth study of the design industry. Learners can progress to the next levels of study with a portfolio that demonstrates a wide range of skills and knowledge of the design industry.

HND Photography SCQF LEVEL 8 (Creative Technologies)

The course is industry focused with the aim of enhancing the creative process, practical knowledge and technical skills. It is primarily for those who have already achieved an HNC certificate in photography. You will research, plan, create, present and evaluate a wide range of photography genres enabling you to develop academic as well as commercial photographic skills. You will work towards a significant body of work that will become the core of a professional portfolio.

HND Visual Communications including Interactive Media Level 8 SCQF (Design)

This one year course builds on the knowledge and skills of the HNC in Visual Communication. It covers a range of areas from print to screen incorporating interactive media; subjects such as web design, animation (2D and 3D), graphic design, photography, audio and video. Learners have an opportunity to pursue their area of interest in visual communication through industry related design briefs and competitions, producing a breadth of work for a portfolio, using industry standard software that prepares them for progression to further study or employment.

NC Creative Industries ( incorporating Games Design) SCQF Level 5 (Design)

This course is ideal for students who have not yet decided which direction to take in the Creative Industries. Students study digital imaging, animation, game design and other creative subjects, and this allows the student to develop the fundamental skills required for progression to employment or further study at college or university. Subjects are taught with industry standard software such as the Adobe Creative Suite

NC Creative Industries inc Audio , Video, Photography SCQF Level 5 ( Creative Technologies)

This course is ideal for students who have not yet decided which direction to take in the creative industries. Students study digital imaging, animation, photography, audio and video as well as other creative subjects that provides the platform to develop the fundamental skills required for progression to employment or further study at college or university. Subjects are taught with industry standard software such as the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, In Design and Premier.

Photography level 6 (Creative Industries)

This course will provide a broad education in photography enabling you to begin the technical and creative requirements of professional photography. It is ideal for anyone who would like to improve their basic photographic skills. The programme range covers: studio, location and portraiture, image editing, still life, reportage, as well as building skills in digital and traditional photography. It prepares you well for progression to an HN programme by spending time on portfolio creation.

The Media Space have some other facilities here are just some off these.

The Fletcher suite has a  Complimentary Therapies suite

Digital space has a sound studio 

Dance and Drama covers





The Kirkcaldy Campus covers singing

The Media space has a personal care room where the students can have a shower.

Media space also has a Photography room where you can learn about the different lenses, camera.s and it also has a dark room where you can develop photos.

Media space also caters for disable people who are in wheelchairs.

Media Space also has covers personal care they have a shower room where Students and Staff are able to get a shower/wash before or after classes.