Audio Acquisition

Audio specs = 44.1 kHz 16 Bit Depth

ADC = Analogue to Digital Conversion

Sampling = 44,100= 44.1 kHz = samples/measurements per second

16 bit = memory per second

DAC = Digital to Analogue Conversion

for playing back on MP3

CODEC = compression – Decompression , Compressor – Decompressor 

Important for organising the data in the file so the computer knows what to do with it.

Compression = 3 types of Compression.

1 Uncompressed = WAV file ending

2 Compressed = Lossy compression (MP3)

3 Compressed = Lossy -FLAC

For example file …….. Wav -44.1 kHz -16 bit depth ( Digital to Analogue conversion)


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