CSI Creative Analysis

Genre  —— Crime fiction

CSI  is a crime fiction.

It is a Genre of fiction typically focused on the investigation of a crime.

Artist/group/director ——- Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer of all the CSI series. 

Body of work 

CSI has aired 15 seasons with the latest premiering on September 28th 2014

Number of Episodes 335

Unique Aspects

Theme tunes to each of the 3 CSI series they are

1)  CSI Vegas –—— “Who are you” 

2) CSI Miami-——– “Won,t be fooled again” 

3) CSI New York —– “Baba O,Reilly”

They were all written and performed by the who

They have a stylish way they dress

The tools the characters use as part of the story line.


CSI is an Innovative , new type of crime drama because the characters use cutting edge forensic tools to examine the evidence to solve the crimes.


CSI novels—- True stories of CSI — Katherine Ramsland follows the evidence and revisits some of the most absorbing episodes of phenomenally popular C.S.I television franchise.

Impact or Influences of Technology

Box sets the way it is packages and promoted as the box sets can be watched on any TV , Computer and even Mobile devices with the boxes


NCIS and bones as they both have very similar ways of which the way the stories have been told.


Dexter series has the same theme but looking through the eye of the Criminal.

Breaking Bad contrasting the way it is based on the other side of the law.


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