Snow white and the seven dwarfs —– Creative Analysis He

My chosen piece is on Snow White and the seven Dwarfs

It is a Disney animation film


Animation is the process of creating and shape change. Animators are artists who specialize in the creation of animation

Artist/group/director —- Walt Disney

Body of work 

Walt Disney has done over 54 classic animated vault films

Unique Aspects 

1) “Heigh Ho”

2) “Whistle while you work”

3) Some day my prince will come”

Frank Churchill wrote most of the music for this Disney,s 1937 film.

Other Disney films he worked on includes —– Bambi , Dumbo , Mr. Toad and also The Adventures of Ichabod.

They are Family animation films

They are musicals


Snow white and the seven dwarfs , recognized as a significant Screen Innovation which has charmed Millions and pioneered a great new entertainment field.


Walt Disney was an innovator who continually adopted new technology to enhance and advance the art of story telling.

Impact or Influence of Technology 

Because you are able to obtain the films on blue ray , DVD , Video games can all be played and watched on different consoles. They can be played on the Xbox 360 with a Kinect which lets you see and play with the game in person. You can also use Flash animation , flip book and video tapes.

To display animation a digital Camera , Computer or Projector are used along with new Technology that are produced.


Both snow white and the seven dwarfs and sleeping Beauty fall asleep in different ways one with an apple and the other with a curse but both the story lines can see them awake from a deep sleep when the prince gives them a Kiss.


Both films Fantasia and Steam boat Willie both feature the Character Mickey Mouse.

Steamboat Willie pilots a river steamboat suggesting that he is the Captain.

Fantasia — ” The Sorcerer,s apprentice featuring Mickey Mouse as an Inspiring magician who over steps his limits.


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