Selling Your Book

  1.   Describe a common process for a buying an existing book.  Look at it in terms the different organisations involved, how they get paid, how you get the book.
  2.   Describe the process you would go through to get your book onto an online store such as Amazon.
  3.   Give one example of when you have experienced good customer care (it could be anything)
  4.   Give one example of when you have experienced poor customer care.
  5.   How important are reviews to you when deciding to buy something on-line?


Give one example of how you would provide customer care for your book

1a) Before you can download anything from Amazon you need to set up an Amazon account , then once that is done then you can download the kindle reading App for free.

Getting Paid

They would get paid through royalties which consists of a percentage of the cost of the book.

If you publish through a traditional publisher it can be as low as 5% – 10% self publishing can be as high as 70% .

You can get the book through the Kindle App, Amazon use a service called whispernet to send the eBook to the device .


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B) The Kindle app is available for most major smartphones, tablets and computers. That means with our free Kindle reading apps, you can buy a Kindle book once and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed*. You can also read that same Kindle book on a Kindle device if you own one. ….. Here is a link to some other places where you can obtain different Ebooks.

Good Customer care

I experienced good customer care from Ebay. I got my Pen drive from someone and they had a lot of good reviews about the person and also how quick and efficient the person was.I then bought the item and it came when they said it would. I was very happy with the service. I gave them good feed back.

Bad Customer Care

I went online to purchase an item which never came. I contacted the person on many occasions with no joy. The person i contacted had deleted their account and after i had waited for well over the date it was due. I then contacted Paypal who recovered the money. Was not happy with the person involved.

2 ways to providing customer care 

Watch reviews so we could see what people think of the book.

Communications through emails or through social networking etc.

2 ways to promote the book

I think that if you can design a cover that can stand out well then that is a good way to promoting the book. Another way is through social networking sites such as Facebook that way people can see the finished product and people can give you good reviews on the Product.


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