Reflective Practice

Interpretation of brief

I worked on the eBook project I made sure that the Images where edited and in the correct format before saving all the work.


Before i started any project i made a plan which i done research and noted what each individual piece of information was logged and save in the appropriate files , That way they would be easy to locate.

Organisation of resources

The resources that i used was found on  the internet. I made sure that i made full use of the information that i found. I also used programmes such as Adobe Premier Pro , Photoshop to edit or crop the images that needed edited.

Development of ideas

I looked for different images and then i would choose a few and decide what i thought would work well with that individual project.  I would also write down different ideas and that seemed to work.


Once i had all the texts and images for the eBook i made sure that it was on the correct format. Then i saved it onto the correct named file on my pen drive. Once this was checked i then put it onto the College Tutors pen drive so all the copies would be ready for use.


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